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I'm Robyn Martin, the face behind the camera 

I’m your Edmonton equine, pets & family photographer; capturing the real, messy, imperfect & beautiful little moments that make up a life.


I’m so happy you’re here!


I know choosing a photographer can be overwhelming so thank you for taking a moment to explore my website and get to know me.


I talk a lot about the experience of working with me on my homepage and session info page, so here I wanted to share a bit of my WHY.


I’ve always loved visual arts, been in awe of nature, and captivated by old photographs. I love the feeling of memories in photos, do yknow what I mean?

When I look at photos of childhood summers spent at the west coast of Sweden, the big rocks and the choppy waves, I remember the moment I sat there thinking “I want to remember this forever.”

When I look through my grandparents photographs I get a glimpse of a lifetime long since past, and I wonder about the people and their experiences.

And when I look back at photos of me .. well I feel a lot of compassion for a broken sad girl who didn’t know her worth and value in this world.

One of the callings on my heart is for women to see their worth and the essence of their beauty in all its imperfection. In our sessions I want you to be enjoying the time with your most precious people and not worrying about if you look good (because you do!)  I want you to look at your photos and see how radiant you are when you are love in motion. Because our worth and beauty was never dependant on our size, weight, fitness level, or how tired we are.


I know for myself as a mother and wife I am constantly giving and with that questioning if I am doing enough, being enough, if I am worthy of feeling valuable. But the truth is we are ALL worthy and enough without having to do or be or accomplish anything. So if there is one thing I wish to my clients beyond beautiful images it is that they feel loved and beautiful just as they are.

You have a story waiting to be told. 

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About Robyn 

Wife. Mama. Beam of Light. Animal Lover. 

// Most days you’ll find me at home with my littles and 2 big hairy dogs, balancing mom and work life and listening to worship music.


// My favourite time of the day is when my husband comes home!


// My faith and relationship with Jesus is so important to me and I wouldn’t be who I am now if I hadn’t found it in my 20’s. If you ever want to hear my story or need prayer I’m here and an open book! And if it’s not your thing that’s ok, I will never preach at you, I’m just here to spread the love ❤️


// My Pinterest searches are usually on parenting, pro-metabolic recipes and all things home design.


// I’m a textbook introvert - at a party guaranteed you’ll find me hanging out with the host’s dog.


// I love tattoos, coffee, country music, being in nature, horse riding, and adventures with my family.


// I cannot dance or sing to save my life. It’s straight up embarrassing how awkward I can be.


// I don’t love social media, I find it exhausting, so forgive me for not showing up there as much as a business should. 


// Friends describe me as: kind, thoughtful, generous.


// My core values: authenticity, community, faith, kindness, compassion.

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