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robyn martin photography goal.jpg

create an experience that is:

-filled with ease


-zero stress

-let's kids be their wild free selves

-enjoyable (even for the men!)

-tells your unique family story

-highlights real interactions and


-captures your family's love, joy and

beauty in motion

photography for

the animal lovers | the laid back | the love filled

in need of gorgeous images that tell a story
of the love and connection they share.

you bring the love
I'll bring the camera

You want gorgeous non-traditional family photos that document this season of life with the ones you love most (human and animal!). You only live this season once, and you want to remember how it feels right here, right now


Life ebbs and flows and we are faced with good, bad, joy, pain, trauma and triumph, and through photographs we get to honour this place we are at. We get to relive the wonderful moments and thank God for making it through the hard ones. Every step has led us to who we are now. That journey is worth celebrating. 


What you DON'T want for your session - stress! Feeling overwhelmed, uncertain of what to do, nervous about how it will go or how you will look. Forced smiles and stiff bodies. Walking away from the session feeling burnt out and saying “we’ll that didn’t go well.” 


Everything about how I take you through this experience is with YOUR needs as the compass. I want you to feel at ease and enjoy our time together. 

My sessions are all about spending time with your most loved ones, and focusing on enjoying each other. You’ll play, laugh, snuggle and lounge. I’ll give you gentle prompts for interacting with each other in a natural way. 


I never make kids perform, pose or smile if they aren’t feeling it. I want to respect their mood and nature, and I promise we can capture amazing images without a smile! If you have a little wild child who wants to move and explore that is ok! If you have a shy child who just doesn’t want to crack a smile that is ok! (and a special note - if you have a special needs child please don’t think that disqualifies your family from a session!)


"I don't think words can express how grateful we are that I stumbled across your webpage. I cannot find words to describe how impactful you have been in such a hard time for us. We received your card and it brought me to tears. I am blown away by your kindness."





For families, pets and equine photography in Edmonton and around Alberta

My outdoor sessions last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and take place in the golden hour, which is right before sunset or right after sunrise.

This time will vary throughout the year and depending on the location we choose. This time is when the light gives the most beautiful, flattering

result to your images.


I do not shoot in the middle of the day when the light is harsh. For families with little ones with early bedtimes, an early morning session is a great

option for beautiful light and happy kids! 

Indoor lifestyle sessions are also a great option (especially during the long cold winter!) and showcase the family dynamics in the comfort of home. 


simple all-inclusive

Just a Glimpse | 20 minute session $200  | 20 images

This session is perfect for documenting a glimpse of life with your family/pets/horses at a convenient price (cuz dang life is expensive right now!). It's also a great option for really young kids with short attention spans, and for Celebration of Life sessions during the sad time when you're preparing to say goodbye to your senior/ailing pet and an hour may be too much for them.  

- must take place in Strathcona County/Sherwood Park (can come to other areas if 2 or more families/sessions are booked together - back to back at same location)

- option to purchase more images as an upgrade

- online gallery for viewing, downloading and sharing

- immediate family, horse & rider, pets


Our Story |  1 hour session $450  |  50+ images

This session allows time for a greater variety of images (groupings/interactions) and captures the more intimate moments of connection that you'll want to remember the feeling of for a lifetime. 

- outdoor location or your property/home - within 1 hour of

  Sherwood Park (travel fees may apply for farther away -

  shoot me a message!)

- full gallery, every great shot will be given (minimum 50)

- option to have 2 outfits if desired 

- online gallery for viewing, downloading and sharing

- immediate family, pets, horse & rider (on ground & in



- for extended/multigenerational family the session fee is $550 and will include minimum 70 images

What makes up the price of professional photography?
The session price you see doesn't mean you are paying that just for the face-to-face shoot time. There's a lot more that goes into it!  It is the behind the scenes "hidden" hours that make up the bulk of your photography gallery creation.

What happens in the hidden hours?

Correspondence, travel time, equipment maintenance, culling best images, editing each image to perfection, uploading images to gallery, ordering/preparing products for delivery. That doesn't count all the other time/costs of business like websites, software, equipment, taxes, insurance etc etc. The hidden hours result in magical images for you to treasure for a lifetime :-) 


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